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Colours for Summer


Is your home in need of a make over this summer?
Are you tired of the colours after a long winter and want to add some pop to your room. You could simply just invest in a new rug or cushions, or you go all the way and some fresh paint to your walls. I love the the marigold and tangerine this summer with a hint of spruce. With concrete Laminex it’s never been easier to create this look to your kitchen or bathroom.


Melbourne Street Art


Melbourne is un doubtable the most colourful city when it comes to street art.

With Melbourne city council onboard recognising the influence in urban culture,they are trying to minimise illegal tagging and graffiti through out Melbourne. Melbourne city council has offered workshops to the youth involving recognised street artists.

Bringing tourism to the area, the work of street artist has grown throughout the locations within Melbourne.

Hosier Lane 

Yarra Street

Duckboard Place

ACDC Lane                                         

Degraves st

Cocker ally

Union lane

Summerset plc

Warburton lane

To get a better glimpse of the work you can take walking tours which you can download to your phone. Take the time to absorb Melbourne’s inner city culture as you enjoy a coffee or bite to eat at the many cafes within the streets of Melbourne.