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Alexander Lotersztain

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Furniture is a part of our everyday life in which some of us just take for granted.

How would you simply go on with your day is chairs weren’t around and tables are all just one size, but who is responsable for today’s designs?

With so many around we decided to take a look into one of our most talented designers Alexander Lotersztain,

How long have you been design for now?
For as long as I remember, ever since i was child, i liked tinkering and taking things apart, playing with Lego etc..Professionally for more than 15 years now..
What did you think of the design scene when starting out professionally and who inspired you most?
I first came face to face with the design scene in Tokyo, cool cats, great parties and full of creative people, liked it..Most of the inspiration came from people actually making it, doing what they are passionate about and making a living out of it.
Did you find it hard starting out and getting your work out there?
To be honest no, at that time i was young, probably slightly irresponsible and loved to travel, so was more about experiencing culture, travelling and meeting cool people…design was kind of the excuse!
Do you have a favorite material you like to work with?
I’m a material junkie, i think all real designers are. Materials, processes and technologies are what drives me, the ever learning curve.
So where can we go to get a piece from Derlot collection?
We do a lot of work in Australia, obviously is were my studio is based, a lot of our interior work is in Brisbane, cool bars and restaurants..
Internationally I have a lot of work in the public arena…my twig public furniture can be found, in plaza  real in Madrid, Versaille in Paris, Rome and Dubai..our Derlot Editions range of furniture is distributed in Australia, NZ, Singapore, UAE and USA..


Motoe Haus


Earlier this month i was able to speak to Motoe Haus about music and where he is at the moment, here is what he had to say.Hi how are you? so you seem to get around a lot these days can you tell me where you are currently living?At the moment, I am based in Ibiza, Spain You have been in the scene for dj for a while now, what made you pursue music and dj as a career?Music was always a major love of mine but I never imagined I would be in the industry at all. I started rapping in the late 90’s and the need for beats led me down a path of production and performing that I would have never for seen. From underground battles and parties to stadiums and festivals. And everything in between. I’m so far from being finished tho 🙂

When starting out did you think you would have such long journey in the industry?No idea at all. I’m from Victoria, BC Canada baby, not many of us see this kind of future ahead of us. It’s not Hollywood, we had to create our scene from the ground up. The fact that I live in Ibiza and dj and have a label etc is really… well, it seems like a dream and not real.                                                                                                                          Who inspired you in the industry growing up?Many honest artists inspired me. The music that is made from the heart always seems to grab me the most. There is no one artist, more like the entire experience of my generation so far.That’s the most inspiring.                                                                                                                                                                    You own your own record labels could you tell us about them? I have had a couple record labels over the years, Silent Fist, Massive Decks… all with partners and all failed unfortunately. After the live and learn method, I was able to use all my experience to start Haustronaut. This time around, all the records are hand picked with the love of music. I don’t give a shit about fabricated commercial records or pop music. You can quote me on that.                                                                                               When working on your film clips is there any motion designers , director/producers you like working with? I’m a fan of Adam Michardi, Brad Alan, Rusty Rayburn, Michael Wright, David Bianchi and Jasper Faber. All amazing talents                                                                                                                                                                        Do you have much say in the visual side of your work? I have all the say. One thing about the marriage of audio and visual is that it must have perfect synergy. I make music with a visual subtext so if we do a video for any particular song, the visual is foreshadowed in the music. I’ve given that creative side to others and 90% of the time I sell fail. I mentioned a few guys I know that get my vision and can translate it perfectly                                                                                                                                                   Music wise is there anyone you would like to collaborate with? Totally! Andre 3000, HOSH, NU, and Oliver $. I’m sure there are many more but those are definite bucket list.                                                                                                                                       What do you prefer most out of writing, performing and producing? All. Of. The. Above. The entire thing is why I live. That’s why having a ghost producer is hilarious to me. It’s the future. We use Bitwig. I make songs on planes, trains and automobiles.                                                                                                                                                                      Favorite place you have played? Wow, that’s a good question. But the answer is always Ibiza.                                                                                                                                                              Have you been to Melbourne before?  I haven’t yet, but I have family from there. Kevin James Dobson is a film director from Melbourne and my cousin randomly.                     Is Melbourne somewhere you would like to play?I would LOVE to play in Melbourne! Dizaster, Dazzla and Ben FHurst tell me it’s tops!