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Colours for Summer


Is your home in need of a make over this summer?
Are you tired of the colours after a long winter and want to add some pop to your room. You could simply just invest in a new rug or cushions, or you go all the way and some fresh paint to your walls. I love the the marigold and tangerine this summer with a hint of spruce. With concrete Laminex it’s never been easier to create this look to your kitchen or bathroom.


Interior Ideas

Change the way you hang your photos in your home.

I know i have frames everywhere it starts to clutter and i want to make my home as neat as i can so i found some new design ideas to make my rooms look great and have all my photos on display.

Display clock



Kitchen Storage

Add some extra storage to your kitchen with some racks in your bench top.

This can be simply done with running some wood panels along a window ledge or wall edge from your bench top.


Newspaper and letter storage

With an old door or mirror frame simply overlap some material of your choice. Secure the material from the back.


Interior Basics



Changing your rooms look and feel doesn’t have to mean you need to refurnish everything costing you thousands. Simple tips can help the process become quick and simple and painless to the pockets.

Changing the feel with colours

Take the family room for example, you can pick any room in house and apply the same tricks. Firstly take a good look around the room and pick out colours. Weather it is in cushions on the couches in a rug, write them down.
Next go to your local paint shop and find a paint colour that is close to the colour you chose from the room, and then pick one wall to apply it too. This creates the wall as the main feature wall in the room. Already the room looks and feels amazing and refreshing as it brightens up your home. After you have the colour add a little something extra by selecting a piece of art to hang on the feature wall, This adds a more dramatic finish to the room. You can find great wall art for all rooms on the Urban road website including some of my favorites in the Sanctuary painting selection.

Not everyone can paint the room and give themselves feature walls especially if you’re renting. Most of the time the rooms can be left feeling tired and boring. In this case you can still change the aesthetics of the room by adding a few bold changes that can leave you feeling excited.

Start by adding a decorative rug to the floor. The rug collection large indoors printed rugs a perfect for brighten up the room and hiding the stained rented carpet we have all come to see time to time. Be bold be creative choose a rug that is patterned to grab you and friends attention first every time you enter the room, this will help you forget about everything still being the same and feel great at the same time. If your choosing living areas to make over why not add in some new cushions to go with the new look or even an ottoman which you can use to put you feet up as relax in your new room.

Changing the feel with patterns


When adding vibrant patterns to your home, you don’t have feel threatened by the loud colourfull rugs you always admire when flipping through catalogues. Be daring be bold with your look this spring.
If it’s the uncertainty of not knowing if your style is going to suit your room then stick to something less permanent like a new rug cushions for your sofa. Still unsure on weather or not it would suit your space we have some useful tips to help you pick the best patterns for your room.
For small rooms you don’t want to make the room feel smaller. Try floral or trellis patterns, this will help make your room look larger and more spacious making you feel motivated. Try adding colour, purple and red are good stimulating colours, which naturally boost your energy levels.
When shopping for a pattern for a larger room, you don’t want to make the room look and feel cold and empty, so be daring and add a bold more dramatic pattern. This could be either through wallpaper on a feature wall or even a rug on the floor. If your going for an all over change try something with yellow or green which are proven to make you feel happier when your just around them. My favourite is from Horizons rug collection called Baraka

Changing the feel with a feature art piece

No matter what the room you can never go wrong with a some funky art work to brighten up the room.
If you are looking to spice up the feel of the living area with large wall space and worried that the piece would look out of place in the space then try adding 2 or 3 in a sequence. They don’t have to be different pieces you can multiply the same print to make a more dramatic effect. My favorite this Summer  is PHaze  from the abstract collection

If you feel that the room has not enough space for a bright and cheerful painting then stop thinking and take the plunge today. No matter the space art work can change and enhance any space big or small.




Known for her geometric murals around Melbourne Camille Walala has teamed up with fellow textile graduate Lisa Gorman to release a 46 piece fashion collection.

You can get a sneak peak of their fashion, accessories and homewares collection 48 Chapel Street, Prahan and 561 Chapel Street, South Yarra now.

With there bold distinctive cutting edge pieces i’m betting it will add a bright new addition to anyones home or wardrobe.




Alexander Lotersztain

alex2       derlotcubo

Furniture is a part of our everyday life in which some of us just take for granted.

How would you simply go on with your day is chairs weren’t around and tables are all just one size, but who is responsable for today’s designs?

With so many around we decided to take a look into one of our most talented designers Alexander Lotersztain,

How long have you been design for now?
For as long as I remember, ever since i was child, i liked tinkering and taking things apart, playing with Lego etc..Professionally for more than 15 years now..
What did you think of the design scene when starting out professionally and who inspired you most?
I first came face to face with the design scene in Tokyo, cool cats, great parties and full of creative people, liked it..Most of the inspiration came from people actually making it, doing what they are passionate about and making a living out of it.
Did you find it hard starting out and getting your work out there?
To be honest no, at that time i was young, probably slightly irresponsible and loved to travel, so was more about experiencing culture, travelling and meeting cool people…design was kind of the excuse!
Do you have a favorite material you like to work with?
I’m a material junkie, i think all real designers are. Materials, processes and technologies are what drives me, the ever learning curve.
So where can we go to get a piece from Derlot collection?
We do a lot of work in Australia, obviously is were my studio is based, a lot of our interior work is in Brisbane, cool bars and restaurants..
Internationally I have a lot of work in the public arena…my twig public furniture can be found, in plaza  real in Madrid, Versaille in Paris, Rome and Dubai..our Derlot Editions range of furniture is distributed in Australia, NZ, Singapore, UAE and USA..