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Colours for Summer


Is your home in need of a make over this summer?
Are you tired of the colours after a long winter and want to add some pop to your room. You could simply just invest in a new rug or cushions, or you go all the way and some fresh paint to your walls. I love the the marigold and tangerine this summer with a hint of spruce. With concrete Laminex it’s never been easier to create this look to your kitchen or bathroom.


Holiday bliss

imageHow to Relieve stress Inside and Out!
Stress can be brought about so easily in our day to day lives. We all know the feeling: tightness in the chest and throat, a rapid pulse, shallow breathing, and a mounting sense of urgency, even panic. This could be brought about from a stressful event, but stress is classified as normal. As stress can be a good thing, a little bit actually helps us to perform better and take action rather than prevaricate.
But what happens if the stress in your life never really ends? If stress is a constant low grade background buzz, your body’s adaptive coping mechanisms are less able to switch off your physiological stress reactions- and this is when stress really starts to significantly impact your health. With the development of depression and anxiety, insomnia, lowered immunity, weight gain, loss of muscle and low energy .After a long period of stress the function of the adrenal glands is affected, leading to extreme fatigue and a raft of physical and psychological symptoms.
It is important to develop an effective long term stress management plan if stress deeply affects you. Not only can stress impact your health mentally but it will eventually affect your appearance from the outside too. From ageing affects such as winkles, and the appearance of your skin to weight gain. The sad truth is that stress can show, no matter how hard we try to get on with our day to day lives. My belief is that few of us react to life’s challenges in quite the way we’d like to as relaxation is given a low priority in today’s world. As busy-ness is a badge of honour try instead to learn to think of relaxation as being like saving as a rainy day: the more you have in the bank, the better you will fare when times are tight.
Relaxation is different for every person, but one well known way to relax is with a soothing bath, as everyone can benefit from this and can try to leave some chill out time just to relax. So yes there is a way to relax that is easy and therapeutic, this is called tub therapy. Imagine a soothing bath with these essential oils for your body and mind:
The first to try is good old milk, milk is full of protein, fatty acids and skin supportive vitamins A and E. You just need to add just two cups of pure organic milk to restore the balance of good bacteria to the skins outer layer. For pure skin bliss add a spoonful of organic honey too, and the longer you soak in a milk bath the better it is for your skin.
Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser as well as a healthy treatment for eczema and dermatitis and a protective before and after sun smoother, It is fantastic in the bath because it breaks down easily, becoming milky and turning the water slightly soft and soapy. This in return gives you silky smooth skin!
Then there is clay, this is especially used to enhance a detox program, especially when you are currently using one. It has incredible cleansing abilities and healing abilities, as it is high in minerals. Your best way to get the most out of this deepening relaxation is to soak in a clay bath for no longer than 20 minutes and use green clay as it is the most absorbent.
If you are having a tired day from sore muscles from either exercise or stress then relaxing the muscles is the way to go. While in the bath Magnesium can be used to treat stress and related skin problems, as well as ease aching muscles and de-kink cramps. Try ancient magnesium mineral bath flakes and notice the difference.
Overall if you’re looking for the ‘mother’ of the essential oils lavender is what can be used in many beneficial ways. It is well known for encouraging relaxation and sleep as it’s both calms a heightened nervous system state, and simultaneously has an uplifting effect on weakness and depression. Then you see it in the eyes of nasty skin appearances, for it is a great source for certain bacterial infections such as rashes, burns, bites and pimples. Most commonly lavender is seen as a pain reliever. So try these oils today and notice the difference, as time out can help you in many ways to recharge and clear your mind.